Monday, September 22, 2014

Mint Flowers

                   These were two paper flowers I wanted to make for my two gold frames.

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Orleans Cottages

Homesickness took over. This is something that I hope to work more on. Not sure where its going to go. Any ideas? I was thinking about doing them in paper. I am also not sure about the space around them begin empty.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


These were inspired by one of my absolute favorite things, Sailor Moon. I have always been in love with the series and will never get enough of any aspect of it. I hope to remain a 14 year old girl forever.


Because New Orleans can have the affect. 

I had a craving!

New Orleans Door

I am always homesick, even when I am there.

Snowballs! Yummy!

These are silly paintings I enjoy doing for friends and friends of friends. It is a New Orleans style snow cone and we call them Snowballs! Because it is warm most of the year in the south these delicious New Orleans snowballs are enjoyed practically year round! It has even been said that eating one before you exercise can improve your work out! If anyone wants one please let me know! I love painting these and I feel like there is a never ending list of favorite flavor combinations that so many New Orleanians enjoy.

Above are sketches I did a while ago. 
Below are a bunch of paintings that are still in the early stages. I am waiting to see if anyone wants one.

Below are are two paintings I did for my friends. These will hang in their kitchen near the entrance. 

The two paintings below were made for one of my former bosses grandchildren. They each have one in their bedroom.

I am sorry for the poor quality of my photographs. In all of my moves I can not seem to locate my good camera and light.